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|Annual Report 2023

In the year 2023, The Foundation for Justice and Development Initiatives (FJDI) continued making progress towards the realization of transitional justice initiatives for conflict survivors in northern Uganda. FJDI’s activities for 2023 were implemented under three main projects and involved various advocacy engagements with like-minded partners. This report highlights the organization's objectives, key program areas, detailed implemented activities and overall success areas achieved during this period. FJDI achieved progress in various areas as listed below.

Taking Stock of Victims' Associations in Northern Uganda

This study takes stock of victims’ groups/associations following which these were categorized by different conflicts that occurred in the region over the years, the needs of victims, and whether victims’ needs have evolved. The study covered the greater Northern Uganda region, extending to West Nile and Teso.

Annual Report 2022

The transitional justice landscape in Uganda continues to present an interesting scenario. On the one hand, it promises so much, as demonstrated by developments such as the approval of the national transitional justice policy (NTJP), and the pursuit of accountability for war crimes and crimes against humanity...

Annual Report 2021

During this reporting period, FJDI implemented two projects aimed at promoting debate and dialogue on transitional justice (TJ) in Uganda. In partnership with the Rwenzori Forum for Peace and Justice (RFPJ) and other TJ actors, FJDI worked to reawaken the debate on TJ and follow up on ongoing TJ processes...

Annual Report 2020

2020 was a landmark year for transitional justice in Uganda. Amidst the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the trial of Dominic Ongwen concluded with closing statements from the prosecution, defense, and victims’ representatives. A ruling is expected in early 2021

FJDI Policy Brief No. 2019-001

This report is based on the findings from an assessment of 32 victim associations across Northern Uganda. The assessment highlights the most common, critical needs and challenges faced by the victims’ associations in the region. These needs and challenges range from financial needs, to the need for ...

Annual Report 2019

This year 2019, FJDI’s lead project was building the capacity of victims’ association in northern Uganda and supporting memorial events in communities that experienced massacres across northern Uganda and West Nile regions. In this reporting period FJDI worked with over 32 victims’ associations across northern....

Annual Report 2018

Northern Uganda’s trajectory to recovery has remained steady since the conflict ended in 2006. The region is without doubt experiencing massive socio-economic transformation as demonstrated by the rehabilitation and rebuilding of infrastructure that was destroyed during the conflict.

Annual Report 2017

Another year gone by! A year of exceptional progress and growth for FJDI. This annual report presents brief highlights of the many initiatives implemented, and the impact made. In November 2015, FJDI opened shop in a one-roomed office in Gulu Town, with one staff, no donors, and not many assets.