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Holistic Justice through Peacebuilding and Development

FJDI works with children, youth, women and communities to promote justice, development and economic recovery in northern Uganda. FJDI seeks solutions to the long-term impacts of the conflict which ravaged northern Uganda by advocating for redress of human rights violations and atrocities committed during the conflict, implementation of sustainable development initiatives, and promotion of economic empowerment through livelihood programs. We believe in the concept of Holistic Justice grounded in the notion that judicial mechanisms of redress go hand in hand with development and economic empowerment of victims

Programme Areas

1. Democracy, Governance and Transitional Justice Program

Ravaged by over two decades of conflict, northern Uganda continues to make a slow but steady recovery from the debilitating impacts. This program area focuses on the implementation of relevant transitional justice and recovery programs for conflict-affected communities.

2. Education, Livelihoods and Economic Empowerment Program

FJDI works to empower vulnerable and special interest groups such as children, youth and women. We achieve this through implementing educational, livelihood and economic empowerment initiatives for these special interest groups.

3. Children, Youth, and Women’s Program

Children, youth and women continue to be the biggest victims of human rights abuses in post-conflict northern Uganda. FJDI, therefore, implements programs in this area with a special focus on children, women and youth as the most vulnerable categories.


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