FJDI’s Internship Scheme and Research Support Services

FJDI welcomes both independent researchers and interns on a rolling basis to join its team and projects. It is also able to provide third party research services.


FJDI welcomes interns on a rolling basis in relation to specific projects we may be running and needs we may have. Because these vary over time, as FJDI regularly engages in a number of different projects, if you would like to join as an intern for a period of time, we advise that you get in touch with a short CV, and expression of interest and some details about your time availability, so we can advise on projects we may be able to involve you in. If you wanted to join us in order to run an independent project, please refer to the section below. >b>

Independent Research Affiliate

FJDI welcomes independent researchers, including journalists, PhD and Master’s students working on issues related to Northern Uganda, peace and development broadly speaking. As an independent researcher FJDI would provide you with some space to work in our office (internet connection to be attained independently), advice on how to conduct research locally and contacts. If you wish so, we can also assist you with organising field trips and other activities related to your research. In the past, for example, we have aided independent researchers to set up interviews, conduct focus groups, carry out translation and transcription services, among others. We have also provided them with a local research assistant (RA) and translator. While providing you with support on your research, we would expect you to contribute to some of our own research projects, on the basis of the projects available and mutual interests. We would also be happy to discuss research projects from which we could produce a joint output. All the costs attached to conducting your research will be borne by you but FJDI will be able to provide logistical and intermediary support. If you are interested in this opportunity, please get in touch with us with a short CV, a brief description of your research project and your specific research aims in Northern Uganda, and the expected duration of your stay. We will then be able to advise you on the feasibility of your research objectives and on whether FJDI could host you.


All Research Affiliate and Internship positions are self-funded and FJDI will not be able to provide you with any financial assistance. Should you wish to join us, we will however be able to provide you with all necessary introduction letters. A joining fee may apply, depending on the length of your stay with us and on what resources you may want to use (RA, translation, transcription etc), to be discussed with each candidate and not exceeding $100 per month. Although we cannot directly provide you with accommodation, we can assist you in finding a suitable solution for your stay in Gulu (where our HQs are) as well as in other locations, should you need assistance with your fieldtrips. All income will be used to support FJDI’s projects.

Third Party Research Services

FJDI welcomes applications for third party research. Should you be interested in having a research project conducted for you and/or on your behalf in Northern Uganda and would like to outsource it to a locally-based NGO, FJDI may be able to assist you. Having worked in Northern Uganda for over two decades, the staff of FJDI are very aware of the difficulties of setting up new research projects from afar and with little prior knowledge of Northern Uganda. FJDI has a wide network of contacts and the expertise to conduct tailor-made projects and produce reports or raw data on behalf of other individuals or organizations. We are particular interested in projects that could create a synergy between ourselves and new external partners, so that joint outputs can be obtained, as well as to produce research on behalf of external clients for their own research purposes. Should you be interested in this opportunity, please contact our Director Lino Owor Ogora at, with a brief explanation of the scope (where, when, what type of target groups/individuals etc) and type of research you would like us to conduct for you (ex. survey, focus groups, interviews), what kind of output you would like to obtain (final report, raw data, interview transcripts or recording, translations etc), and details on the time frame. We will then able to initiate a conversation with you and provide you with a quote on the cost of this project and of its feasibility. Please note that this is a service for which FJDI will charge a fee on the basis of the size of the project and expected output and timeframe.

Translation and Research Assistance Services

FJDI can provide also Acholi-English translation and research assistance services, should you need an RA or Assistant when working in Northern Uganda and the Acholi sub-region in particular. Please get in touch for further details.