Our Areas of Operation

We currently operate in the following geographical locations across northern Uganda;

  • Koch Goma, Nwoya District: a community greatly affected by the LRA conflict that continues to harbor numerous mass graves and conflict survivors. We are working to document experiences of these victims.
  • Lukodi, Gulu District: Lukodi was the scene of an LRA massacre on 19 May 2004 when close to 70 civilians lost their lives in a single attack. Dominic Ongwen, a former commander of the LRA is currently facing trial at the ICC for this attack.
  • Atiak, Amuru District: Atiak was the scene of an LRA massacre in April 1996, leading to the death of close to 400 civilians.
  • Barlonyo, Lira District: Located twenty-six kilometers north of Lira town in northern Uganda, a quiet trading centre called Barlonyo lies inconspicuously next to the River Moroto. In the space of less than three hours on the late afternoon of 21 February 2004, over 300 people were brutally murdered by LRA rebels and an unknown number were abducted.
  • Abia, Lira District: On the 2nd of February 2004, soldiers of the LRA stormed the village of Abia in Lira District and massacred 240 people. The massacre was carried out in retaliation of a raid that that had been conducted by the UPDF on an LRA camp in Okwang.
  • Parabongo, Amuru District; On 16th July 1996, LRA rebels surrounded the entire village of Parabongo in Lamogi Sub-County, Amuru District and abducted male youths aged between twenty to forty years. The abducted people were led to Parabongo Primary School and killed in cold blood. A total of 22 people lost their lives in this incident. 16 of these people were killed within the school compound while six others were killed in neighboring villages.
  • Mucwini, Kitgum District; Mucwini was the scene of a brutal LRA massacre which occurred in the early morning hours of July 24, 2002. The LRA attacked the village of Mucwini sub-county, Kitgum district, in a massacre that killed 56 men, women and children. The massacre was a deliberate retaliation by the LRA after they claimed that a local man they had abducted escaped from them with a gun.
  • Pabo, Amuru District; Pabo was the largest IDP camp in northern Uganda, housing some 50,000 displaced people. It is also the location in which ex-LRA commander Col. Thomas Kwoyelo, is alleged to have committed numerous crimes against the civilian population.
  • Burcoro, Gulu District: Located 16 kilometers northeast of Gulu town, in the sub-county of Awach, Gulu District, lies the quiet village of Burcoro. Despite its apparent tranquility, a sinister past remains hidden behind the welcoming faces of its inhabitants. Between the 14th and the 18th of April 1991, Burcoro was the scene of a brutal operation carried out by the 22nd Battalion of the National Resistance Army (NRA) in which several hundred people were detained at Burcoro Primary School. They were released only after being interrogated, tortured, and sexually abused throughout the four days of the operation. In this instance alone, government soldiers committed crimes including: murder, rape, sexual violence, torture, cruel treatment, deprivation of liberty, outrages upon personal dignity, attacking civilians, pillaging and other inhumane acts.

Partnerships and Collaborations

We work in partnership with various international, national and community based organizations as listed below;


  • Trust Africa - Collaboration on Developing guidlines for documentation
  • International Criminal Court (Outreach Unit & Victims Participation and Reparations Unit) - Collaboration on Community Outreach in Northern Uganda
  • Open Society Justice Initiative (OSJI) - Collaboration on International Justice and Developing guidlines for NGO documentation
  • RNW Media - Collaboration on International Justice
  • Avocats Sans Frontieres - Collaboration on Community Outreach on the case of Uganda Vs Thomas Kwoyelo currently before the International Crimes Division


  • Amuria District Development Agency (ADDA) - Partnership on Transitional Justice in Northern Uganda
  • Human Rights Monitoring Organization (HURAMO) Uganda – Partnership on strenthening Governance and Accountability in Northern Uganda
  • International Crimes Division (ICD) - Collaboration on Conducting Community Outreach with conflict affected communities in Northern Uganda

Community Based Organizations & Networks

  • Wii Layibi Vision Youth Group
  • Koch Goma Landmine Survivors’ Association
  • Lukodi Massacre Survivors’ Association
  • Mucwini Massacre Survivors’ Association
  • Atiak Massacre Survivors’ Association
  • Obalanga Human Rights and Healthcare Association (Amuria)
  • Mukura Massacre Survivors’ Association (Ngora)
  • West Nile Kony Rebel War Victims’ Association (West Nile).

Ongoing Projects

  • Outreach and trial monitoring in northern Uganda; in collaboration with the ICC Outreach Unit, we are conducting outreach in the case of the ICC Prosecutor Vs Dominic Ongwen. We are also conducting outreach in the case of the Ugandan Directorate of Public Prosecutions versus Col. Thomas Kwoyelo.
  • Livelihood trainings;we are working with Wii-Layibi Vision Youth Group to conduct livelihood trainings for conflict affected youth. We have trained over 50 youth in Liquid Soap Making.
  • Research and documentation; we continue to document the stories of victims and survivors of the LRA conflict in northern Uganda. We are currently working with victims and survivors of the Apar Land Conflict in Amuru District, Northern Uganda.
  • Access to Justice for Victims of Conflict in Northern Uganda; We are working with various community networks and survivors' Associations to conduct advocacy with the aim of pursuing reparations